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Second-Hand Forklifts
Second-Hand Forklifts For Sale
Interested in purchasing a forklift without exceeding your budget?
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Second-hand forklifts, also known as used forklifts, are those that have had a previous owner and are not brand new.
One of the main advantages of purchasing a used forklift is the significant cost savings. A second-hand forklift is much more affordable than a brand-new one, often nearly 50% cheaper.
Our selection of second-hand forklifts represents a fantastic deal. They are still in excellent working condition with no issues, and since they are used, we offer them at a very reasonable price. Opting for a used forklift is a great choice for those with a limited budget looking to buy a forklift.
It’s important to note that when you buy a used forklift, you are getting it in its current condition, so it’s crucial to be cautious and take necessary precautions to prevent accidents.
Reconditioned Forklifts
Forklifts In Refurbished Condition Available For Purchase.
Purchase a brand-new forklift at half the price!
Reconditioned forklifts are previously used or second-hand forklifts that have undergone restoration to bring them back to optimal condition.
The refurbishment process involves addressing any internal issues through a comprehensive overhaul. Following the repair phase, these forklifts receive a fresh coat of paint, giving them a like-new appearance.
Our proprietary 8-step refurbishment process transforms old forklifts into reliable and efficient assets. With refurbishment and a new paint job, these forklifts resemble brand-new ones but come at a significantly lower cost.
Opting for reconditioned forklifts is an excellent choice for those seeking a new forklift at a more affordable price.
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Brand New Forklifts
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Forklifts In Brand-New Available For Purchase.
Looking for the genuine deal? Purchase a brand-new Toyota forklift.
We offer an extensive range of new forklifts available for purchase.
Whether you need compact forklifts for indoor applications or larger ones for heavy-duty lifting, we have a diverse selection.
To assist you in acquiring the forklift you require without a hefty upfront cost, we provide financing options.
Our brand-new forklifts are backed by period warranty. If any issues arise with your unit, rest assured, we have you covered.
Considerations To Verify Before Purchasing A Forklift In Malaysia
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Hours of Usage Per Day
What is the anticipated usage hours for the forklift?
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Type of Forklift
Brand New, Reconditioned, Second-Hand Forklifts.
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Forklift Details
Weight Capacity, Mast Height, and Tonnage Specifications.
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Forklift Budget
Limited budget or ample budget.
Second Hand vs Recon
What Is The Different Between Recon and Second-Hand Forklift
When purchasing a second-hand or used forklift, it comes in its current condition.
The forklift’s components remain unchanged, undergoing a basic inspection, which significantly lowers the price for customers.
On the other hand, reconditioned forklifts are used ones subjected to a thorough inspection and complete refurbishment. Any damaged parts are replaced, and the forklift is repainted, resulting in a 90% new condition with a slightly higher price than used forklifts.
We strongly recommend opting for reconditioned forklifts as they provide a better long-term solution.
Available Units
Forklifts Ready For Purchase
Brand Toyota Forklift, Recondition Forklift and low-price forklifts are all available for sales. We have everything forklift related in stock and offer you with fair prices. If you’re in immediate need of a forklift, welcome to contact us at +607-353 6328 now!
Our meticulous 8-step refurbishment process ensures the delivery of high-quality reconditioned forklifts.
Here are some convincing reasons why Best Auto Forklift Sdn Bhd is the ideal partner to address your forklift needs.
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Step 1 :
Source forklifts directly from Japan through our import services.
forklift repair johor bahru
Step 2 :
Thoroughly dismantle for a complete strip-down process.
forklift repair johor bahru
Step 3 :
Enhance forklift with foundational paintwork and specialized axle repairs.
forklift repair johor bahru
Step 4 :
Ensure the functionality of every tire with our complete fixing service.
Forklift Repair in Johor Bahru
Step 5 :
Revitalize your forklift’s performance with a complete engine and gearbox overhaul.
Forklift Repair in Johor Bahru
Step 6 :
Restore both the engine and gearbox to optimal condition with our expert fixing services.
Forklift Repair in Johor Bahru
Step 7 :
Comprehensive wiring works and restoration of other essential parts for seamless functionality.
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Step 8 :
Complete the assembly of the mast and finalize the paintwork for a polished finish.
Sales Process
Our Forklift Sales Process In Johor, Malaysia
Understanding the entire process of an efficient forklift purchase plan is essential before you decide to purchase a forklift.
Choosing The Forklift
  • Interact with the customer.
  • We'll assist you in selecting the ideal forklift that meets your specific requirements.
Inspect the Forklift
  • Our team will conduct a comprehensive visual and internal inspection, followed by multiple tests to ensure there are no issues with the forklift.
Deliver The Forklift
  • The forklift will be promptly delivered to the customer's site.
Forklift Warranty
  • Depending on the forklift type you acquire, a warranty will be provided.
  • The warranty period begins after the delivery of the forklift.
Everything You Need to Know:
Frequently Asked Questions About Forklift Sales in Malaysia, Johor.
Several types of forklifts exist, with the four most prevalent in Malaysia being:
  • The Battery Forklift operates solely on electric power, providing an eco-friendly solution for material handling.
  • Powered by diesel fuel, the Diesel Forklift is a robust and reliable option for heavy-duty lifting and transport tasks.
  • The LPG Forklift utilizes either petrol or gasoline as its fuel source, offering versatility in fuel options for various applications.
  • Reach Trucks, similar to Battery Forklifts, are electrically powered, making them suitable for precise and efficient maneuvering in warehouse settings.
Many people mistakenly believe that driving a forklift is as straightforward as driving a car. To learn the nuances of forklift operation, you can schedule a training session with us. We’re delighted to offer you a comprehensive tutorial.
Drawing from over 17 years of industry experience, we’ve worked extensively with brands like TCM, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Komatsu, and others. In our view, Toyota stands out as a preferred choice for forklifts in the 1 to 7-ton range, while for capacities above 7 tons, TCM forklifts are often our recommendation.
Typically, we customize the forklift pricing to suit the unique needs of your company. To provide an accurate quote, our forklift specialist will assess your operations and business characteristics in detail.
We concentrate primarily on providing forklift repair, sales, and rental services, with a primary focus on Johor Bahru, Pasir Gudang, Kulai, Senai, Nusa Cemerlang, Ulu Tiram, Desa Cemerlang, Gelang Patah, Iskandar Puteri, SILC, around Johor Areas.